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The Harvey-Nashe Quarrel: changed 24 May 2002

In my first version of this page I referred to Harvey's 'dead father', assuming that because Gabriel was middle-aged his father must have died. But Harvey's sonnets suggest he was still alive.( see Sonnet XX)

The Harvey-Nashe Quarrel: changed 4 February 2002

My original account of this quarrel contained a huge error. Following McKerrow, I claimed all copies of the first edition of Greene's Quip for an Upstart Courtier had been lost. This is quite wrong. McKerrow's statement was perfectly accurate when he made it in 1910, but a copy of the missing first edition of the 'Quip' turned up in 1919: and the passage that upset the Harveys was in it. If I'd been reading Nicholl more carefully, I'd have got this right.