The font at which Nashe was christened

I know it requires quite a stretch of the imagination to picture Nashe arrayed in pure chrisom robes, the soft airs of innocence breathing around his infant head. But even the bitterest satirist has to start somewhere and we are forced to assume that, since his name is in the Baptisms register of St Margaret's Lowestoft, then as a teeny baby he was held over this font and christened.

Frankly the picture is a little fuzzy, but that isn't why the stone figures about the font look so crumbly: at some time zealous iconoclasts have hammered away at them. Whether it was done in the first flush of reform, before Nashe was born, or later during the Civil War I do not know.

I am grateful to the current Rector of St Margaret's, Lowestoft for permission to include this picture on my site.

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