THOMAS NASHE : the (non)visuals
Other than the caricature of Nashe in leg irons published in Lichfield's pamphlet (see below) there are no surviving portraits of Nashe. In some ways it's not surprising. It's hard to see even his most devoted contemporary fans paying good money for his "portrait in little"; Nashe would not have looked right in a jewelled frame. (Anyway, Hilliard apparently charged about 6 for miniatures, and if Nashe ever got his hands on that much money you can't imagine he'd spend it having his picture painted.) But you might expect that, mixing with gentlemen as he did, some amateur artist would have attempted his portrait. If so it has either not survived or it's hanging on the wall of a country house somewhere, identified as "Unknown Young Man".

Also below are links to some photos of the two churches associated with the infant Nashe - St. Margaret's Lowestoft, where he was christened during the time his father was curate there, and All Saints, West Harling, which was the parish the family moved to when Nashe was six. Both places were a little surprising, St. Margaret's because it is so very large and imposing and All Saints because it's lost now in the middle of a wood. I had a tough time finding it in fact, despite sat nav, because West Harling itself now seems to have ceased to exist. Without the help of some ladies in nearby Garboldisham I would never have found it at all.

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