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Towpath poem
Elegy for a working man
The poem below won the Cheshire Poet Laureate's 'Waterways' competition.  It describes a walk along the towpath of the Trent and Mersey canal near Marbury.

Towpath Poem. (Trent and Mersey Canal, Spring 2007.)

They are changing the colour of the field

across from Rockpits. Blue-cabbed tractor

cutting grass: in the hedge

a cock pheasant is drowned out.

The pleading voices of lambs

are blown this way and that.

Grey heron on the far bank

gets up, but low enough

to almost feather tip

its slow green shadow.

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David Lamb is a Cheshire poet and artist.  As well as writing poetry he has a degree in Fine Arts, is a practising painter and exhibits regularly in Cheshire and the Welsh borders. 

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